Loan Participations, CECL, Stress Testing, Loan Modeling for Banks and Credit Unions

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AUGUST 27, 2020


Dr. Joseph Breeden, CEO Deep Future Analytics, And Walt Agius, CEO of CU Sol


Dr. Breeden literally wrote the book on CECL in addition to the over 50 other books and trade publications in his name. He has created numerous financial models in his 25+ years, including the Mexican Peso Crisis, Asian Economic Crisis, 2001 Global Recession, Hong Kong SARS Recession, US Mortgage Crisis, and the Global Financial Crisis.

Walt Agius is a former Credit Union CEO and currently CEO of two CUSO's, CU Sol and CU Lending Edge. CU Sol is a subsidiary of three credit unions - two in New Mexico, the other halfway around the world in Guam. These credit unions have joined forces to develop and deliver needed products and services for all credit unions, but especially for mid-sized institutions.


No one can predict the future right now, but knowing the possibilities is critical to creating a strategic plan for your financial institution. Join us for a lively discussion with Walt Agius, CEO of CU Sol and Joseph Breeden, CEO of Deep Future Analytics (DFA). Every participant should walk away with with one or two relevant ideas to take to their strategic planning process this year.

"Strategic Planning should be the #1 priority for every CU this year", says Walt Agius, CEO of CU Sol, a multi-owned product development CUSO. Strategic Planning should always be viewed as one of your most critical functions, but this year especially. No one can say they've been through what we've been through in the last 7 months, and no one truly knows what to expect over the next 12-18 months.

The webinar is designed to provide open dialogue and insights into what your Strategic Plan can and should deliver, specifically focused on how to use your data in more creative ways, creating real-life strategic scenarios and discuss potential plans and outcomes


  • We will start with a review of the economic possibilities from here, with scenarios from ScenarioAI, developed by the team at Prescient Models and Deep Future Analytics.
  • Walt will draw on his years of experience as a CU CEO to discuss the essential elements of strategic planning in the current environment.
  • Joe will talk about the kind of data available from our call report extracts, P&L stress testing, and peer comparison – and specifically how to use the data and reports to validate strategies and plan for realistic results.
  • Together they will discuss the possibilities and positioning for a member-centric recovery from the COVID-19 recession.
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