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Take Control of your Participations!


Side-Step High Cost Brokers
Get REAL knowledge of the loans that you are buying or selling, Not just market rates.
Learn Which loans are the best for you to sell and Which are best to buy?

A Smarter Way to Buy & Sell Loan Participations

Most institutions pay a fee to a broker who will, in turn, buy or sell loan participation pools at market prices. These third parties are most often using high level data when processing these multimillion dollar transactions. All in all, you end up paying large fees to a third party while you never truly get the fair value for your sale or purchase. It shouldn't have to be this way.

Whether you're using a third party or not, every loan participation transaction should include account-level cash flow forecasts that best predict the yield on your participations.

Know the REAL Value of Participations Being Bought or Sold

With DFA’s LPA™ software, you can side-step the high cost of brokers, and price based on real knowledge of the loans that you are buying or selling. It is our mission to see that you have the Right Data, built into the Right Tool, supported by the Right Expertise to see to it that you get the full value on your bought or sold Participation Loans.

Right Data
Aside from your inputs and detailed account level information, you'll also benefit from our robust shared data pools, peer data down to the state level, and key economic variables.

Right Tool
The two most important variables in optimizing your price will be forecasted pre-payments and losses. Our best in class behavioral modeling software allows you to best predict your risk adjusted returns on each and every account.

Right Expertise
DFA's flagship loan modeling software was the first tool to meet CECL regulations. Our Chief Scientist invented Vintage Modeling, has published over 40 academic articles, a dozen trade publications, and holds six patents.

With DFA's Loan Participation Analytics Software, know the REAL value of your loans and IMPROVE EARNINGS through smarter diversification, more informed pricing, and reduced or eliminated broker fees.