Loan Participations, CECL, Stress Testing, Loan Modeling for Banks and Credit Unions

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All-In-One Software

Software Screenshot All-In-One Software The Deep Future Analytics software was designed to accommodate ALL of your loan modeling needs. It was developed well before any CECL rules were even discussed. And while it is fully CECL compliant, the application of the tool will improve your loan operations in any number of ways, including: CECL /… Continue reading All-In-One Software

Best In Class Accuracy

Software Screenshot Best In Class Accuracy When it comes to accuracy, you need a model designed by Researchers, not programmers. You also need relevant history, which most of us do not have nearly enough of. Deep Future’s software was designed by an industry leading credit risk research team of 9 Phd’s who have written countless… Continue reading Best In Class Accuracy

Fully Customizable

Software Screenshot Fully Customizable Having the ability to Segment your data is vital in performing a solid Analysis. We make it very simple for the end user to pick and choose products, periods, methodologies and more. We start with your loan account level data and work our way up. As you examine all the individual… Continue reading Fully Customizable

Multiple CECL Choices

Software Screenshot Multiple CECL Choices Using our shared data pool along with your account level data, you’ll be able to take advantage of the most advanced vintage modeling tool that exists. The end result is an accurate and reliable ALLL estimation that you can trust when budgeting, pricing, and more. However, we understand you may… Continue reading Multiple CECL Choices