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We’ve validated models of the largest banks, federal home banks, credit unions, and community banks. Whether models for CECL, credit scores, collection queuing, price optimization, stress testing, anti-money laundering, or fraud, we’ve done it all.

The DFA Team has 20+ years of experience in the retail lending industry working with hundreds of Credit Unions and Community Banks: it has provided risk models that successfully forecasted through multiple crises, including the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, the US Mortgage Crisis, and the Global Financial Crisis. The team has deep knowledge of how to create practical solutions that balance accuracy with complexity for the most usable solutions.


Models will be validated in compliance with regulatory guidelines like SR 11-7 and generally accepted Model Risk Management (MRM) practices.To meet these needs and execute a robust validation program, DFA will conduct a thorough validation of each assigned model. Depending upon your requirements, model validation may include:

1. Data integrity (optional)
2. Model development
3. Model validation tests
4. Implementation (optional)
5. Benchmarking (optional)

Each model review by DFA will be summarized in a final report covering the checks performed.

Click here for an in depth overview of our Model Validation Process

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