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Deep Future Analytics (DFA) is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) engaged in the business of providing credit risk analytics to credit unions and banks. Recent developments have provided an opportunity for greater revenue and profit, but additional development is required to realize those benefits. We are offering excellent investment opportunities to credit unions, CUSOs, technology firms and/or a significant credit union system partner, to help build out the new optimization functionality, further develop our new Loan Participation Analytics offer, and to expand its brand and customer base nationwide.

CECL / Risk Modeling Software

There could be no better opportunity. Recently, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has established new regulations for establishing financial institutions’ Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL). The new regulations – known as Current Expected Credit Loss or CECL – will require new methods and almost every credit union and community bank will be adopting a new methodology and/or solution provider.

DFA was the industry's first CECL solution provider. But to continue to compete, we must remain a step ahead and innovate. DFA leadership believes additional functionality will help us compete against incumbents, and additional services will drive greater revenue and profitability.

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Loan Participation Analytics

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The steady growth of Loan Participation in the credit union industry provides an incredible opportunity for DFA. Current industry practices typically involve a broker who may provide rudimentary pricing guidance. However, in contrast to current processes, DFA has the capability to provide pricing guidance based on forward looking economic scenarios and, with additional development, to analyze the effect of a given LP sale on the balance sheet and income statements of both the seller and buyer(s). Finding the buyer(s) that benefit the most will generate a higher price for the seller.

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There are obstacles to DFA’s success, the greatest being competition from vendors with existing relationships with banks and credit unions. Contact us today as we discuss in greater detail how we can overcome these obstacles, tap into the enormous potential waiting at our doorstep, and create a mutually beneficial partnership.

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